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  • Automate compliance and reduce your risk

    Manual HMDA compliance just can't keep up with today's increased reporting requirements. More data means more effort, more chance for error and more public scrutiny of lending performance. Ensuring compliance and cutting costs are critical to protecting your institution's bottom line. 

    HMDA Wiz® software from Wolters Kluwer includes everything you need to import, collect and edit data, create data scrubbing detail and summaries, and submit reports. The solution is easy to use, quick to implement and always accurate. Since not all institutions, have the same compliance needs, you can combine HMDA Wiz products and Wiz services into a fully customized compliance solution.

    If you don't have the time or internal resources to manage HMDA compliance, HMDA Wiz and outsourced Wiz Services can be combined to fit your institution's exact requirements and budget.

    HMDA Wiz lets you:
    • Accurately prepare and submit data. It   includes compliance-grade geocoding, editing, assessment area delineation and all necessary tools to comply with HMDA reporting requirements.
    • Create custom reports to help communicate lending activity. The solution has pre-programmed reports to help you analyze, monitor and audit performance. The optional Executive Dashboard lets you design and execute custom reports.
    • Do real-time auditing. Browser-based data entry and editing allows real-time auditing of all your HMDA data.
    HMDA Wiz modules
    • Enterprise-wide HMDA management.
    • Compliance-grade geocoder standardizes and geocodes address data.
    • Importing and exporting Wizard lets you perform powerful data manipulation in an easy step-by-step format.
    • HMDA pricing component lets you monitor your rates against relevant treasury rates from within the compliance system easily and provide monthly treasury rate updates.
    • Automated front-end HMDA management integrates directly with your LOS reducing the risk of non-compliance.