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HMDA Resource Center News and Articles

  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act: Getting It Right with New Rules

    (Published November 2016) With only one year to go before the HMDA 2018 implementation date takes effect, you should have a general understanding of the law, the field modifications should be complete, and your HMDA governance and implementation committee activities should be well underway. Now, it’s time to start creating policy decisions. Read more. Read More

    HMDA Expansion Creates Opportunities and Risks

    (Published August 2016) The new HMDA rules are here to stay. The mortgage industry now has to come to grips with that reality—with sooner being better than later. Read the article in Scotsman Guide to learn more.

    Getting Ready for More HMDA

    (Published May 2016) In this article, Wolters Kluwer attorney Sheila deLa Cruz explores implications for commercial lending transactions under the new Home Mortgage Disclosure Act rules. Read More

    HMDA Reporting Change: Loan-Volume Thresholds

    (Published March 15, 2016) The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently changed its stance on the use of home equity lines of credit in the institutional coverage definition under the new Home Mortgage Disclosure Act rule changes. These thresholds are effective starting January 1, 2018 and are calculated using lending volumes for the previous two calendar years—2017 and 2016. Read More

    Look at the New HMDA Rules and Their Implications

    (Published December 2015) With the finalization of the new Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data collection rules, financial institutions are once again faced with a monumental change to their operational processes and compliance programs. Wolters Kluwer regulatory expert Amy Downey says there are four major areas of action that lenders should start tackling now. Read More

    HMDA’s Here. Now What?

    (Published November 2015) While the HMDA data collection rules do not go into effect until 2018, lenders should address the challenges now by cultivating an enterprise-wide understanding of the requirements and creating an implementation plan. Read More

    CFPB Announces Finalization of HMDA Reporting Rule

    (Published October 15, 2015) In response to finalization of new Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data collection rules, Wolters Kluwer executive vice president Timothy R. Burniston comments on the law's implications for the mortgage lending industry. Read More  

    Regulatory Change Management - Is Your Team Ready?

    (Published May 01, 2015) In this ABA Banking Compliance magazine feature, Wolters Kluwer regulatory expert Amy Downey presents a “team approach” view in helping financial institutions implement a well-documented, operationalized regulatory change management program. Read More