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Asset Liability Management (ALM) Solution

  • Wolters Kluwer Financial Services’ Asset Liability Management (ALM) solution, empowered by Empyrean, is an intuitive, easy-to-use yet sophisticated ALM analytical tool that provides the essential foundation for efficient, effective and confident risk analysis.

    With this solution, financial institutions can:

    • Dramatically cut the cost of collecting and reporting data,
    • Perform complex statistical regress thereby increasing resource efficiencies,
    • Analyze vast quantities of data in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

    Built from the user perspective, the ALM solution provides sufficient daily granularity for accurate liquidity, interest rate and valuation sensitivity assessments that also incorporates credit risk directly in the models to facilitate comprehensive capital planning. 

    Dedicated to user productivity and efficiency, the ALM Solution, provides the flexibility to model the unique characteristics of individual institutions. Expanded capabilities in DFAST, stress testing and reporting allow for compliance with the latest regulatory requirements.

    The ALM Solution provides all of the standards expected in a market value and income risk analysis system today, plus many advanced features, such as:

    • Fastest available "what-if?" analysis turnaround
    • Regulatory Liquidity and Capital Stress Testing
    • Credit risk modeling
    • Funds transfer pricing (FTP)
    • Stochastic (Monte Carlo) income simulations
    • Integrated Fair Value accounting for FAS 107 and FAS 115
    • Detailed audit trails for user change tracking
    • Rapid deployment and multi-user capability
    • Third party product integration
    • Sensitivity and Liquidity GAP

    About Empyrean

    Empyrean Strategic Partners brings over twenty-five plus years of experience in developing financial risk management software to the marketplace. A pioneer in leveraging stochastic simulation capabilities to measure and manage interest rate risk, Empyrean's enterprise risk management simulation tool allows financial institutions to accurately and efficiently model their balance sheets for income and economic value sensitivity. To provide this requires computation speed and efficiency which has been an obsession, for without it stochastic analysis becomes impractical. Performance comes primarily from an acute understanding of all of the elements of a simulation and how they can be architected for maximum throughput.  Empyrean is the culmination of those years of experience.