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    RegTech: Helping Your Data Work Smarter and Harder
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    An Integrated Approach to Managing Finance, Risk and Reporting

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OneSumX provides an ecosystem of complementary and comprehensive solutions and services to manage the intersection of governance, finance, risk and compliance—increasing organizational profitability, efficiency and growth.

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The lid is now well and truly on Bankers’ Remuneration – but the pot is still bubbling

(Published June 14, 2017) Something that has been arguably dragging down the financial services sector’s public image, and particularly that of the banks, over the last eight or nine years has been the subject of bankers’ bonuses. Since the financial crisis of 2008, bankers have come in for a huge amount of dissension for the money they received to generate profits, especially when that came with a large degree of risk. Some was apparently big enough to bring down whole institutions (although that accusation is far from straightforward). The public has been understandably outraged about the whole thing, and regulators needed to take action to try to bring this supposedly reckless bonus culture under control. Martyn Oughton reports.

RegTech: Helping Your Data Work Smarter and Harder

(Published June 8, 2017) It is critical for financial institutions to have the ability to compile and analyze data generated across multiple functions in a comprehensive and holistic fashion. However, with most organizations operating in silos and using multiple point solutions; streamlining collection of contractual, account, risk, finance and transactional information is no small undertaking. Read our whitepaper to learn more about how a RegTech solution can help.

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Senior Managers Regime White Paper

Senior Managers Regime: Paving the Way for a New Era of Responsibility

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