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    APRA Delays the Economic and Financial Statistics Reform
    (Published August 29, 2017) On 23 August, APRA released its long-awaited response to the industry submissions on the EFS reforms. So what’s next? Our product manager gives an overview of what the changes will mean for Australian ADIs
    AML in Hong Kong: What banks need to do next
    (Published August 28, 2017) Recent developments have shown customer due diligence and risk assessment to be clear areas of focus for AML efforts, and financial institutions will benefit from re-evaluating their resources and strategies accordingly.
    AnaCredit: Through the magnifying glass
    (Published August 21, 2017) In this follow up article to AnaCredit: “Time for a reality check”, Nicos Kynicos, Senior Regulatory Reporting Specialist at Wolters Kluwer, discusses AnaCredit timelines set by regulators, the national discretions that are being applied in individual member states and the business and IT challenges organizations face to be compliant.
    The MAS 610 overhaul: Short term pain for long term gain?
    (Published July 5, 2017) The MAS 610 overhaul proposals, after the initial round of consultation, go well beyond mere tweaks. Read this short commentary to explore what these changes will likely mean for Singapore banks.
    APRA’s Economic and Financial Statistics Form Review: Shoring up data quality to meet new regulatory demands
    Published April 26, 2017) Exploring few specific ‘pressure points’ that the evolving data requirements are likely to create.
    When You Have to Be Right, Right Now
    (Published April 11, 2017) In-Memory Compute Grids (IMCGs) allow banks to process data faster and more accurately, too.
    APRA’s Economic and Financial Statistics Form Review: Planning for parallel runs, and the future
    (Published March 21 2017) APRA has proposed two ‘parallel runs’. Assuming APRA sticks to the proposed timelines, our expert suggests a few options for tackling implementation and parallel run.
    The Year Ahead: Some thoughts on IFRS and other Regulatory Challenges
    (Published January 23, 2017) The pace of regulatory change shows no sign of abating in 2017. Taking an integrated approach and exploring RegTech solutions may offer some relief, but a thorough understanding of the problem is required before you can solve it. So what are the regulatory changes that firms need to explore and what will be the impact?
    APRA’s EFS Form Review Consultation: First stage of a long road
    (Published January 18, 2017) APRA’s EFS Review consultation represents a significant change to the regulatory reporting regime and will have a dramatic impact on all Australian ADIs. This commentary by Wolters Kluwer’s experts recommends that ADIs make full use of this consultation process.
    LCR In, FALAR Out as Australia’s NSFR Framework Takes Shape
    (Published January 16, 2017) As the development of an implementation framework for the NSFR in Australia continues, this short commentary expects the impact on the local financial sector to be significant, not only in terms of the additional financial and human resources required to meet mounting reporting obligations, but also in terms of competitiveness.
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