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Expand Your Indirect Auto Lending Business without Adding Staff

  • Reynolds and Reynolds Acquires Wolters Kluwer’s Indirect Loan Origination Solutions

    On Oct. 3, 2016, Wolters Kluwer announced it has sold its indirect loan origination solutions, including its AppOne software, risk mitigation services, and Indirect Lending compliance documents, to Reynolds and Reynolds, a leading provider of software, compliance forms and services to U.S. automotive dealers and lenders.

    In joining these solutions with Reynolds & Reynolds, you’ll have access to more of the tools you require to be successful in the indirect lending space and allow Wolters Kluwer to invest further in and grow our core compliance solutions for your consumer, commercial and mortgage lending businesses.

    Rest assured you’ll receive the same quality products and customer service that you’ve come to expect. There will be no changes or interruptions to our current processes, systems or communications.

    Beginning Monday, Oct. 3, e-mail messages directed to you from AppOne and indirect loan origination solutions team members will be coming from Please be sure to update your systems to ensure you can receive emails from this web domain.

    Many financial institutions do not have sufficient internal staff or the expertise necessary to work with independent auto dealers to grow their book of indirect loans. Wolters Kluwer Financial Services offers lenders an experienced and knowledgeable team of auto finance experts skilled in executing the indirect lending process as a part of our AppOne RMS service.

    AppOne RMS services ensure that your institution receives clean funding packages that meet your lending guidelines and stipulations by providing end-to-end management of the independent dealer loan origination process through the AppOne technology platform and dealer network.

    Reduce Risk and Fraud

    AppOne RMS processes are designed to remove business and regulatory compliance risk and fraud from your indirect auto lending operations by providing the following risk mitigation services:

      • Dealership due diligence and underwriting – our RECON independent auto dealership underwriting process mitigates the risk of dealership fraud. All dealers must go through an extensive underwriting process using our proprietary risk scoring system prior to being accepted as an AppOne dealer. We conduct a thorough set of credit and background checks, require a personal guaranty from each dealer and conduct site visits and annual reviews.
      • Dealer F&I services – we assist dealers with lender program training and rehashing and structuring of deals to ensure lender’s guidelines and requirements are stringently applied.
      • Vigilant Documentation services – our staff receives all funding packages from the dealers, performs fraud checks and ensures clean funding packages are sent to each lender. We perform all of the comprehensive screens and checks you expect from your internal resources, including:
        • Identity verification
        • OFAC screening
        • CARFAX check
        • Contract review and validation
        • Identity authentication
        • Tracking and monitoring of any suspicious activity
      • Verification of lender stipulations – we perform all funding package audits and verifications to ensure compliance with each lender’s requirements.
      • Produce fully compliant loan documents
      • Conduct Red Flags Audits – we ensure full compliance with identity theft protection procedures and regulations.

    Every Indirect Loan Transaction Is Managed to Your Requirements

    Our team of indirect auto lending experts provides end-to-end dealer relationship management, handling all of the details of loan transactions and ensuring every condition and stipulation is rigorously met to your satisfaction. Our experienced staff provides the following functions for AppOne RMS customers:

      • Contract funding escrow and disbursement – we fully manage the flow of funds between lenders and dealerships. 
      • Lien perfection – we research titles and release contract proceeds to dealers upon lien verification.
      • Reserves and chargeback management – we process and manage loan exceptions and chargebacks to ensure conformance with all policies and procedures.

    If you need additional expertise and staff to help you take advantage of the indirect auto lending opportunity, request more information.  

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