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    Insurance Regulation on the Rise
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    Four Letters to Study: R-I-S-K

Insurance Compliance Solutions

Wolters Kluwer offers the industry's most trusted and relied upon point solutions to solve specific problems, manage the insurance compliance process and a common platform to monitor and report on compliance risks as either a standalone solution or as part of a larger view of enterprise risk management initiative.

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Seizing on stress testing’s strategic potential

(Published December 6, 2017) This new commentary looks at the way stress testing is evolving, and how this will present not only challenges for financial intuitions but can also play an important strategic role and contribution to business performance.

Regulatory reporting automation: Mid-size banks face increased regulatory scrutiny

(Published December 5, 2017) Regulatory complexity and scrutiny are not easing. And, Regulators are placing a greater emphasis on the qualitive aspect of report automation. Report submissions now involve more frequent, complex and granular data requests. Read our latest commentary for more analysis and best practices to help ease your bank’s regulatory burdens.

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The Top 5 Things Your Regulator is Going to Hate About Your Electronic Delivery System

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Insurance Compliance Research: The Underestimated Challenge

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Enterprise Risk Management & the Compliance Professional

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