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What we offer

Risk, compliance and audit solutions to help manage risk and meet Chinese regulatory requirements.

Transforming itself into a significant player in the global economy, China’s financial services industry is poised for tremendous growth. At the same time, regulatory requirements for financial services firms doing business in China are complex and stringent. Financial Services organizations that want to be part of the remarkable growth in China need a partner who understands the specific regulatory demands and risk management challenges associated with China’s financial services industry.

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Volume 10, No. 3: Cyber Liability Insurance: Who’s on First?

(Published May - June 2017) First came the growth of cyber intrusions and cyber-attacks. Then came insurance policies against them. Andy Fotopulos of Starkwether and Shepley has given us a good discussion of these insurance policies, and helps make sense of them for those trying to design and/or choose a policy: what’s in them; what’s covered; what’s not.

Volume 10, No. 2: FINRA and SEC 2017 Examination Priorities

(Published March - April 2017) Every year our regulators provide a roadmap to the upcoming examination year by releasing their exam priorities letters. FINRA released theirs on January 4, and SEC released theirs on January 12. Two gentlemen from Fox Rothschild, Joshua Horn and Ben McCoy have given us a discussion of the highlights of those priorities, what the regulators will be looking for, and what your firm should do about it. It’s a great heads up!

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White Paper: Managing NSFR by Matching Conversion Ratios

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White Paper: Greater China Anti-Money Laundering Banking Insight 2015

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OneSumX VAT Management for China

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