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  • HMDA Final Pit Stop: Fuel Up
    & Be Ready for 2018

    Date: Thursday, December 7, 2017
    Time: 11:00 AM Pacific | 12:00 PM Mountain | 1:00 PM Central | 2:00 PM Eastern
    Duration: 90-minutes

    Chances are your institution is ready to submit to the new CFPB HMDA portal by March 1, 2018 and start collecting the expanded HMDA data fields on January 1, 2018. But there might be some last minute surprises! Our team will give you any last-minute tips and updates to get you ready for the new HMDA requirements. Now is the time to validate detailed HMDA data collection and validation procedures, and ensure you are prepared for the transition to 2018. Institutions will also want to demonstrate that your HMDA Compliance Management System (CMS) is solid.

    Prepare now and be ready to take a holistic view of the new HMDA regulation. This webinar will cover:

    • Last Minute Surprises
    • Checks, Balances & Controls
    • How to update your CMS with the new HMDA regulations


    • Barbara Boccia, Senior Director, Advisory Services and Regulatory Relations
    • Ann-Marie Lefebvre, Senior Regulatory Consultant
    • Britt Faircloth, Senior Regulatory Consultant

    Registrations for this live event are closed. The live webinar will be recorded and available for on-demand registrations approximately 2-3 days after live event.

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