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  • Britt Faircloth

    Britt Faircloth

    Senior Regulatory Consultant

    Britt Faircloth is a senior regulatory consultant for Wolters Kluwer, where she focuses on fair lending data analytics for institutions of all sizes. In this role, Faircloth brings over 18 years of relevant banking and regulatory compliance experience to assist institutions in performing fair lending risk assessments, CRA self-assessments, and other HDMA-related analytics. 

    Prior to joining Wolters Kluwer, Faircloth held senior-level compliance roles with financial institutions of varying sizes for 10 years and spent an additional eight years in operational positions. With her varied career, she often held positions with concentrations in fair lending, CRA, and HMDA. Faircloth is also a frequent presenter at compliance industry events such as CBA Live, the Wiz Forum, and the CRA and Fair Lending Colloquium.

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