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  • Achieving IFRS 9: a long way to go in a short time
    Achieving IFRS 9: a long way to go in a short time
  • RegTech White Paper
    RegTech: Helping Your Data Work Smarter and Harder
  • Global impacts of IFRS 9, CECL and BCBS 311
    Global impacts of IFRS 9, CECL and BCBS 311

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Rising price of cyber-fines

(Published October 13, 2017) When America’s chief markets watchdog, the Securities and Exchange Commission becomes a victim of cyber-attacks, it raises questions of high importance about whether any institution, inside or outside the financial sector, can protect itself against malicious invaders. Selwyn Parker comments.

When the numbers are no longer enough: Demonstrable Governance

(Published October 10, 2017) Previously, static reports at the correct time in a specific format were all that was required from senior management and regulators, however increasingly, what is now demanded goes beyond simply checking a box. In this comes the need for a more sophisticated technology, that can derive true meaning from the numbers in a report.

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IFRS 9 Implementation: practical steps

IFRS 9 implementation – our experts weigh-in

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Strategic Budgeting and Planning White Paper

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Fundamental Review of the Trading Book

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