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  • Achieving IFRS 9: a long way to go in a short time
    Achieving IFRS 9: a long way to go in a short time
  • RegTech White Paper
    RegTech: Helping Your Data Work Smarter and Harder
  • IFRS 9 and Regulatory Reporting in Asia Whitepaper
    IFRS 9 and Regulatory Reporting in Asia

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HMDA Road Trip: Directions and Navigation

(Published September 18, 2017) Before you continue your HMDA journey, stop and get directions for collecting and reporting a significantly greater number of data fields. The changes to the Government Monitoring Information (GMI) section of the LAR will require lenders to collect a more complicated set of data, including more sophisticated information on race and ethnicity.  Lenders should act now to make technology and workflow changes in order to take year-end 2017 applications that close starting Jan. 1, 2018 and properly report them in 2019.

IRA Model Documents Updated and Posted by IRS: What Does This Mean For Your Financial Organization?

(Published September 13, 2017) On September 6, 2017, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) posted to its website updated traditional, Roth, and SIMPLE IRA Trust and Custodial model agreements (i.e., 5305 series documents). Significantly, the last update the IRS made to the IRA model agreements occurred in 2002.

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AML in Hong Kong: What banks need to do next

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APRA’s EFS Form Review

APRA’s EFS form review: preparing for the challenge

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White Paper: IFRS 9 in Asia-Pacific: The road to compliance – is there still time?

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